US Drug Prices, 2004-2008

Apologies for the dearth of posts lately. Its finals time and I’m trying to get a paper or two out the door. I yearn for the days when journals will print in color, or better yet be all-online so it won’t matter and we could even include animations. For now, here are a couple boring charts of wholesale and retail drug prices in the US. Does it appear that the efforts against Mexican DTO’s have really hurt the market?

Source is the UN Office on Drug Control. Dashed lines are wholesale prices, solid lines are retail prices (both in per-gram units). More to come over the break.

2 thoughts on “US Drug Prices, 2004-2008

  1. Of course the anti drug effort has NOT worked! Too many parties involved! In the US, we had rather waste yet another generation in jail than to decriminalize at least some aspects of our drug abuse!

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