Find Unique Values in List (Python)

I Googled this problem today and found a lot of people creating long-ish functions to find unique values. There is a much simpler solution: turn your list into a set (which removes duplicates) and then back into a list.

newList = list(set(oldList))

Hope this is of help to someone. Apologies if this is already a well-known solution. Perhaps “set” was unavailable in earlier (pre-2.7) versions of Python.

Update: This post generates a fair amount of traffic. Peter Bengtsson has some other options if you care more about speed/ordering/etc rather than simplicity, which was the goal here.

3 thoughts on “Find Unique Values in List (Python)

  1. nice solution! However, I find it odd that (a) this was posted on new years eve, and (b) a political science student is using python. Please explain yourself 😛

    • Thanks for your comment. I was creating a game over winter break in Python, and am now taking a ‘Python for Political Scientists’ class that’s one of the first of its kind (see more recent posts or for details).

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