facelift-lucille-arrested-developmentAs regular readers will have noticed by now, the site got a facelift about a week ago. This was much needed as the old theme had become outdated (literally–it was named “Twenty-Ten”). Some of the formatting of old posts might have been thrown off by the change. Overall, I hope you will find it a pleasant upgrade.

One thing that didn’t fly well early on was the light font I had chosen for the text in posts–in some browsers it rendered as very low-contrast. I changed it a couple of days later and hopefully it’s better now. Thanks to Daniel for commenting about this via email.

Another upcoming change is that I will be less rigorous about the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule of posts. Posts will likely be published at those times when they are available, but I will not make a point of posting on all three of those days every week.

The third and final change is that comments will automatically close after seven days. This is mainly because comments after that time are typically spam. If you have a response to a post more than a week after the fact, you are more than welcome to contact me on email or Twitter. And feedback about any of these changes is welcome!