A Chrome Extension for XKCD Substitutions

This morning’s XKCD had some fun suggestions for replacing key phrases to make news articles more fun:

Regular readers may recall my Doublespeak Chrome extension, which works on the same principle. In short order, I was able to create a new app, XKCDSub, that works the same way: install the extension, and when you click its icon it will open your current page in a new tab with the phrases replaced. Here is an example of the extension in action on Elon Musk’s Wikipedia page:


The code is open source on Github. You can find it in the Chrome webstore here.

One thought on “A Chrome Extension for XKCD Substitutions

  1. I read that strip and immediately thought, “Somebody should do this right now” (it was right after I read Senator–>Elf Lord.) Your post was the very next one in my feed. So thanks.

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